Company Profile

    Eulife Technology was established in October, 2004, in Taiwan. Its management philosophy is being professional, innovative and customer-oriented, leading the company to create the best products. We focus on developing solid state lighting and dimmable capability LED driver.

    We own a strong research and development team, possessing specialized technology and experience of proficient product design quality, along with its specialized market analysis and strict manufacture quality requirement. We insist on creating environment-friendly products. We also put emphasis on developing energy efficient products. We hope to deliver more message of innovation and complete service through our products. 

|Our Vision|

  • ECO on the Inside & Environment-friendly.
  • Developed High Energy Efficient Products.
  • Continued Growth in the Solid State Lighting Industry.
  • Maintaining World Class Quality and Operational Excellence.
  • Deliver Innovation and Service to the Customer.

|Company Policy|

  • Your Client=Our Client in Basis of Quality Aspect.
  • Design Verification in Product Development Stage.
  • 100% Burn-in Reliability Testing.
  • ISO9001:2008 Certification.
  • Traceability on LED Driver.
  • RoHS/ Sustainability.